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Related article: Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 09:33:13 -0700 (PDT) From: Author James Subject: Adventures of a Real Dark Knight Chapter 15Disclaimer: This story, though maybe not in this chapter but in subsequent chapters, will have celebrities in it. I have no knowledge of their sexuality and this is not intended to imply their sexuality. This is all from my own mind. Scary!! People actually get a glimpse into my mind!!!Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox.Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros.X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox.Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Studios.I don't know for sure if I will use all the above elements, but just in case, I have myself covered.In this story, which has been floating around in my head most of my life, you will find many universes merging, as the above copyrights reveal. I hope you all enjoy this. I appreciate any feedback that you may want to give. This story doesn't deal so much with sex, sex, sex, but more of my feelings that I struggled with and am starting to come to terms with. Part of his background is mine. I do hope that you enjoy it!!!I have received many emails from people who have enjoyed it and some from those who do not. I would enjoy hearing from you. Any emails you send, please tell me what chapter and story you are commenting on. Thanks.jmsotcyahoo.comChapter 15 Knight on the Town Lance had just come home from a busy day of work and I had come back from a nice drive around town. Lance wanted to take me out tonight and he was heading upstairs to get a shower. But, I had other plans before the shower. Lance sat down on the bed and took off his shoes. I walked over to him and stood over him. He looked up at me and smiled. "What are you doing?" he asked. I had a grin on my face. "Helping you." I leaned down and kissed him full on the lips. I moved to straddle his lap and kiss him. My hands moved down to his shirt and unbuttoned them one at a time. I could feel the heat emanating from his mouth and his body and it only spurred me on to get him undressed. I pushed him back so he would lie down on the couch and pulled his shirt out of his waistband. Then, I ran my tongue over his belly button and up to his chest. He lifted his arms up and I pulled his shirt off. I started kissing him as I pulled off my shirt. Lance looked at me and I could see, no, feel the love and passion in his eyes that flowed out toward me. I moved down to his waistband and undid his pants. I pulled them out revealing his stiffening cock in his underwear. I pulled off his pants and socks and came up to his dick. I began licking and sucking and, as I did, unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off. Then I moved on top of him and kissed him. Lance pulled off the kiss. "Make love to me," he said. I moved down to his bottom and used my tongue to wetten him and loosen him up. Then I moved up and positioned myself. I slowed myself into him and felt his warmth surround me. I felt so loved and comforted and protected by him. I moved down and kissed him and began the slow movement that would build rather quickly. Then, I took a hand and grasped his cock in my hand and began rubbing it and jacking him off as I worked his warm hole. "Oh," he moaned. "That feels so good." I pushed faster and jacked faster. Soon I was at the point of orgasm and shot inside him. As I finished emptying, I felt him tense up. Feeling very erotic and horny, I pulled out and wrapped my mouth around his head as he emptied himself into me. I swallowed, wanting to keep Lance all to myself. He moaned as I serviced him and sucked for several minutes. Then, I pulled off of him and moved up to his face. He kissed me. "Wow. I don't know for sure if I want to go out now or not." "Why's that?" I said as I caught my breath. "First off, I'm all relaxed now. Second, I wouldn't mind doing that again." "Maybe after we get back from going out." "Okay. Shower with me?" "Always," I said. We stood up and walked toward the bathroom. Lance moved ahead of me and I noticed something dripping. "Hold on," I replied as I kneeled down and stuck my tongue in his crack licking up the drip. Lance laughed at me. We showered and washed each other and then got ready to go. An hour later, Lance and I pulled into the parking lot of a club. I normally Cp Preteen Porn hate to go to these things, as so many men are searching for someone to hook up with. That kind of activity serves only to hurt the hearts of those involved. "Don't open your, door," Lance said. "Okay," I replied unsure what was going on. Lance got out and a moment later was opening my door, reaching his hand down to me. I took it and he helped me up. Then, he offered his arm and we entered the club. The strobe lights were flashing, the laser lights were swaying and men were on the floor dancing and moving their bodies. It was quite different from the two clubs I had been to in L.A. and the couple I had been to in Ohio. It was almost as if the club was a world of it's own...perhaps all of Orlando was such a place. "This way." Lance guided me over to a table in the back. We were there to enjoy ourselves and be out. We sat down. "What would you like to drink?" "I'll have an ice tea." "Sure?" "Yeah." "Be right back." He leaned into Cp Preteen Porn me and kissed me, then disappeared into the crowd to get our beverages. I watched the people moving on the floor and some got rather erotic with their movements. I wondered how many of them actually knew the men they were grinding against. As I watched, a rather attractive young man came up to me. "Hey," he said. "Hi," I answered. "What are you doing here tonight?" "I'm here to be out for a while. Just to have a good time." "I can show you a good time." The psychologist in me wanted to test him and find out. "Really?" "Yeah," he said with a grin. Then, nonchalantly he opened his pants and Cp Preteen Porn showed me his privates. They were rather impressive in size. But I was offended, no infuriated at someone doing this to me. "Get out of here," I replied. "Why? Too big for you? Does it intimidate you?" He began to vulgarly wave it around in my face and masturbate. My anger was kindled and I felt my body temperature rising. Any moment, I was going to explode with intense heat. But, I didn't have to worry. "What's going on here?" Lance returned with the drinks. He noticed the man waving his manliness around. "Hey, you're kind of cute, too. I'm sure I have enough cum to fill you both." Lance pulled his fist back and punched the guy in the nose. Blood began to flow from it. "What the hell was that for?!" the guy screamed. "You obviously don't have any respect for a gentleman. Get out of here before I do something more." The guy turned and left clutching his nose. I calmed down and smiled up at Lance. "Thanks." "The least I can do for the love of my life." Lance sat down and he kissed me. Then a fun song came on the speakers. It was the Corrs singing "Breathless". Lance and I stood up and went to the dance floor. All that seemed to matter was him and I as we moved to the beat and in time with each other. Go on Go on Leave me breathless The daylight's fading slowly The time with you is standing still I'm waiting for you only The slightest touch and I feel weak I cannot lie From you I cannot hide I'm losing will to try Can't hide it Can't fight it So go on Go on Come on leave me breathless Tempt me tease me Till I can't deny this loving feeling Make me long for your kiss Go on Go on Yeah Come on And if there's no tomorrow And we have is here and now I'm happy just to have you You're all the love I need some how It's like a dream Although I'm not asleep I never want to wake up Don't lose it Don't leave it So go on Go on Come on leave me breathless Tempt me tease me Till I can't deny this loving feeling Make me long for your kiss Go on Go on Yeah Come on And I can't lie From you I cannot hide I've lost my will to try Can't hide it Can't fight it So go on Go on Come on leave me breathless Tempt me tease me Until I can't deny this loving feeling Make me long for your kiss Go on Go on Come on leave me breathless Go on Go on Come on leave me breathless Go on Go on Come on leave me breathless Go on Go on When Lance and I finished dancing, we looked around. I guess we let the music become so much part of us and got lost in each other because everyone around us had stopped dancing and was watching...and clapping. "That was awesome," someone yelled. "Do it again! Do it again!" another shouted. "See," Lance whispered, "you can dance." Lance and I returned to our table. I sat quiet, thinking. Out of the blue, Lance asked me, "What are you thinking?" I chuckled. "Is it something funny?" "Actually, no. It's something wonderful." "Oh, do tell." "I was thinking about you and me here with you. It's like a dream come true. I'm afraid I may wake up and it will all be a dream." "I assure you, it's no dream." Lance leaned in to me and kissed me. I relaxed into the moment and within moments, we Cp Preteen Porn were all over each other kissing and petting. Then we broke it off realizing what our intimate touches and kissing was doing to each other. We were afraid we would pass the point of no return. We left the club and watched as some kids rode past on their bikes. It was surprisingly late for them to be out. The kids looked at us and threw us dirty looks. Part of me wanted to slap them off their bikes, but that would not have solved what was obviously their problem. Lance opened the door for me and I climbed in. Then he climbed in. "Can we follow those kids?" "What?" "I have a bad feeling for them. I can't explain it." "Okay. No problem." Lance started up the car and within moments we were following the kids at a safe distance. "What is this feeling? Does it feel like they are going to get hurt?" "I'm not sure." "You told me before you are a mutant. Can I ask what you can do?" "I can manipulate atoms and molecules." "Interesting. Is there anyway this gift can be giving you these feelings? Kind of like with the Force from Star Wars?" "It's possible. But I'm not sure. I not really well experienced with my mutation. I can move things with my mind and control heat molecules. That's all I've done so far." "Maybe it's trying to grow or something." "Maybe." I watched the kids turn into an alley and from their into a parking lot. "Pull over here," I said. Lance pulled over and I got out of the car. "Stay here," I said and moved down the alley toward the kids. "What are you doing?" one kid said. "Leave him alone!" another shouted. "No. He failed and so he must be punished," a woman's voice said. I ran to the corner of the building and saw the dark-haired woman from earlier in the day at the school holding on to a kid. She was wearing a black robe and it looked as if a hood was part of her robe, but it was back on her shoulders. I was getting very angry with her. No one should treat a child as she was...no one. "Leave him alone," I said stepping around the corner and into the light. "Who are you?" "My name is Eric McCoy and I am here to protect these children. Let him go." "Make me," she said. I relaxed and my mind stretched out. I could feel myself enveloping her and the young man and I pulled him away from her, lifting him into the air and setting him down by his friends. "Get out of here," I called to them. They mounted their bikes and took off. "This is not your business. You should not have gotten involved." "You are the one in the wrong." "When my master finds out about you, it will be your hide that burns, not mine." "Bring your master on. I'd prefer a straight fight instead of this bullying of children." "Very well." The woman moved into a fighting stance. I relaxed a bit. I felt as if my mind was stretching out to her. I could almost sense what she was going to do. I ducked as she swung her fist at me. Then, I brought my fist up in an uppercut and hit her in the jaw. She stumbled back. "Nice move. But that was for beginners." "We are just starting," I replied.To Be Continued...Who is this woman in black? Does anyone have an idea? Email me! I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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